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T.C. began making films in Steamboat Springs 13 years ago. After producing his first feature he moved to Santa Monica, California and began working as a DP and documentary director on a wide variety of projects ranging from television to independent films. T.C. has traveled to over 40 countries and has a deep desire to see people live out their purpose and contribute to the common good. With a passion for redemptive story and world issues, T.C. began writing and directing films with redemptive themes 7 years ago. The vision was simple… allow audiences to dream and be a catalyst for change.

“TC has literally traveled the globe with me recording the amazing stories of the church because I consider him to be one of the finest young film producers of his generation. TC has an amazing ability to capture and interpret stories in a powerful and compelling way.”

Rick Warren
Author of the Purpose Driven Life
Pastor, Saddleback Church
In a world of massive innovation, the opportunities are endless. As a consultant, T.C. works with a wide range of clients including independent producers, universities, television networks and faith based organizations. His desire is to use media that encourages application with positive outcomes.
In 2007 T.C. also began Gratis 7 Media Group, a non-profit 501c3 film production company. G7MG focuses on 5 strategic areas. Reconciliation, leadership, poverty, health care and education. These issues effect us all and we are all part of the solution.

After 5 years on staff with Young Life, T.C. Johnstone moved to Southern California to pursue his passion for filmmaking. While on assignment in Rwanda, Africa shooting a story on Rick and Kay Warren of Saddleback Church, life took a dramatic turn…
During production the team visited several small villages to meet with Genocide survivors and HIV support groups. While documenting the Warren’s travels, T.C. was introduced to a Global Initiative called the Peace Plan, which is a movement to mobilize 1 billion people to take on the world’s greatest problems by doing the things Jesus did while on earth.
Promote reconciliation.
Equip servant leaders.
Assist the poor.
Care for the sick.
Educate the next generation.
During the trip to Rwanda a simple question was asked by Dr. Warren, “What is in your hands? What talents do you have that God could use?” Over the next 7-days it became clear; he was to make movies with meaning that would hopefully lead to transformative conversations.

After arriving home a unique opportunity came in the form of a flood and a phone call. T.C. was again asked to travel with the Warrens to visit pastors and victims of Hurricane Katrina. While Rick spoke throughout the area, T.C. began story hunting within the back rooms of churches and relief centers. With the church he found story after story of people who were being cared for by volunteers from around the country. People were not asking what you believed but simply helping each other. In a unique set of circumstances T.C. began a 2 year project with Saddleback church as Rick Warren’s documentarian. He traveled with Pastor Rick around the world as he introduced the Peace Plan to business leaders, pastors and government officials. During these trips T.C. recorded countless stories of changed lives. Ironically, the biggest change was his own.
Over the next several months T.C. began to meet filmmakers around the world that had a common vision, “media with meaning.” Many were working for small production companies as well as local churches.
Today T.C. continues to direct films, is the executive director of the non-profit Gratis 7 Media Group and has begun shooting Aerial cinema. He currently is based out of Boulder Colorado.